The World’s Lightest Electric Folding Bike is Back & Better than Ever

Navigate through Your City with Ease, Speed & Convenience

Ultra-light weighing
only 29.9 pounds
Easily folds in just
under 10 seconds
Removable battery
covering up to 32 miles
Recharges wherever
you are!
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We Raised $3.5 Million on Indiegogo in Just a Few Months!

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What Makes Us Different?


We’re one of a kind,
With 20 Patented Features!

Why Choose Us?


A Closer Look At What Makes THE ONE The Ultimate City Bike



  • Smart LED Screen
  • Full battery, speed & support level control
  • Easy handling for max. driving pleasure

Comfortable Saddle

  • Super comfortable sitting position
  • Adjustable height
  • Perfect for short or longer commutes

Magnet System

  • Wheels stick perfectly together after folding
  • Makes it super easy to carry around

Disc Brakes

  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Strong braking power
  • Hydraulic version available

Molding Form Technology

  • High-grade magnesium alloy material 
  • Single-arm fork technology 
  • Fast and seamless folding 

Gear Drive System

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Significantly higher traction
  • ​Clean aesthetic appearance​

Perfect Speed Ratio

  • Chain-wheel-to-free-wheel ratio 1:4
  • No complex gearbox
  • Optimal power transmission

Foldable Pedals

  • Included in all versions 
  • Guaranteed 9.84 inches (25cm) folding size (width)
  • Reflectors included

Clean Cockpit

  • Super clean cockpit
  • Designed handle bar
  • Horn and light switch




The technical specs


250W - high speed brushless motor with 95% energy conversion rate Max. Drehmoment Motor = 35Nm

Max speed


US - Version

The US-Version has an electric assist mode and can also be operated in pure electric mode via the integrated thumb throttle.

Net weight



36V - 7Ah Lithium-Ion - hidden in the seatpost

Battery Range - Assisted mode

32 miles (7Ah)

Battery Range - Pure electric mode

17 miles (7Ah)


AC100 - 240 1.8A with us connectors

Charging time

3.5 hours

Folding size

9 x 25 x 30

Unfolding size

49 x 21 x 39


High Grade Magnesium alloy

Tire size



Disc brake

Speed sensor


Max. load capacity


Electrical support levels

Easy / normal / speed

LCD Display


The One Bike

How much weight can THE ONE handle?
THE ONE is built strong enough to handle riders of up to 275lbs (125kgs).
Does THE ONE come in different sizes?
THE ONE is designed to fit everyone, from 4'9" (150 cm) to 6'2" (190 cm). Simply adjust the saddle height to match your measurements, and you're ready to go.
What is the THE ONE's maximum speed?
THE ONE has a maximum speed of 18 mph (29 km/h).
I can't see the battery - where is it?
Batteries aren't something you need to see, right!? With THE ONE, we've integrated the battery into the seatpost, in keeping with its slim-frame design.
Can the battery be removed?
Sure! Simply take the seatpost out to charge the battery in your apartment or at your office. The battery can also be charged directly on the bike without removing it, full flexibility guaranteed!
How is THE ONE's quality?
The frame is made from high-grade magnesium alloy, utilizing top-grade mold frame technology. A perfect combination of industrial and craft production with high-quality material, this frame is made from a one-piece process. Better yet, our e-bikes are 100% waterproof, so they can be used in any weather conditions.
Why is THE ONE so light?
The innovative, brushless, high-speed motor comes with a high-energy conversion efficiency. At only 4lbs (2kgs), it weighs 65% of a conventional motor. The frame, made from high-grade magnesium alloy, weighs 35% less than other aluminum frames in the market. High-quality materials and the one-arm fork technology make this innovate design possible.
Can I still ride THE ONE when power mode is turned off?
Yes, you can. Even when the motor is turned off, you can continue to ride the THE ONE the same way as you do a non-electric folding bike.


How is THE ONE delivered and is it easy to assemble?
THE ONE is delivered with instructions in a securely packed box, and requires minimal assembly.
How long is the delivery time?
Shipping usually takes about 5 to 6 days.
How do I track my order?
You'll receive a tracking link in your inbox after your successful order.
How much does shipping cost?
Free shipping within the U.S, shipping to Canada is $49.

Guarantees & Warrantees

What kind of warranty do you offer?
A comprehensive, 2-year international warranty is offered on the motor, and a 1.5-year international warranty on the batteries against manufacturing defects. The warranty, however, does not apply to normal wear-and-tear components such as tires, brake pads, the chain, etc.
How do I buy spare parts or service the bike? Can I go to any bike shop?
Thanks to a carefully engineered design, any local bike store can service the THE ONE, since most of the components are standard. The battery and electronic modules can be bought directly from us, and are easily installed, DIY style. A number of accessories will also be available on our online store which is coming soon.

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